About Us

Easy Odontologicos of Brazil is the parent company of Easy Endo USA. A 100% Brazilian company, since 1999, Easy has set the global benchmark for endodontic innovation, education and service. Easy develops and produces endodontic files, instruments, motors and obturation systems for the most demanding clinicians. 

Owned by a practicing endodontist, Dr. Henrique Bassi, ProDesign Logic and all of the Easy products are manufactured in Brazil to the highest global standards.

ProDesign Logic is currently the best selling and fastest growing nickel titanium endodontic file system in Brazil and we are excited to share this technology with America—a truly disruptive technology changing endodontics.

ProDesign Logic files are the world’s first truly minimally invasive, single-file, endodontic instrument system. Prepare the glide path in any manner you wish, use a single rotary ProDesign Logic Shaper, and the canal is prepared in literally seconds. One and done.

Customer focussed, Easy maintains a very talented and close knit opinion leader network in which all products are rigorously evaluated. Easy products are increasingly used in undergraduate and graduate speciality courses in Brazil, and Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, among many others. 

Easy's products have been positively assessed in a wide range of peer reviewed scientific papers in the Journal of Endodontics among many other journals. 

We welcome you into the Easy family. Easy Endo USA—We Make Endo Easy!

Richard Mounce, DDS
General Manager, North America
Easy Endo USA