Logic .01/45 Individual Size (4 files/box)

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Logic .01/45 Individual Size

ProDesign Logic .01/45 individual size. 4 files per box. Available in 21mm & 25mm lengths.

ProDesign Logic files are the world’s first truly minimally invasive, single-file, endodontic instrument system. Prepare the glide path in any manner you wish, use a single rotary ProDesign Logic Shaper, and the canal is prepared in literally seconds. One and done. It's that Easy. 

The ProDesign Logic System features:

  • .05 tapered Shaper files
  • .01 tapered Glide Path Files and an array of individual sizes
  • Glide Path Files can also be used to prepare larger apical diameters if desired
  • Controlled memory nickel titanium
  • A single file sequence once the glide path is prepared
  • Unparalleled efficiency, safety and predictability
  • An outstanding price point

Please consult the ProDesign Logic Technique Card and IFU links below. 

Download ProDesign Logic Technique Card.

Download ProDesign Logic IFU.